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Kingdom Resources For Christ (KRC)

We Believe...


We believe that everyone has God given unique gifts and talents.


We believe all resources, talents, and materials are from God and belong to him and should be used to glorify and serve him. Kingdom Resource of Christ is willing to work with the Holy Spirit to help God's children to develop their gifts and potential, and find opportunities and channels in order to have everyone live out God's purpose and plan.


We believe Christ builds his church. He blesses the church with many resources. KRC is determined to work with the Holy Spirit to assist churches in finding and developing gifts and talents and fully utilizing them in churches.

We believe Christ calls all saints to be the salt of the earth in order to serve, influence and lead our communities and countries. KRC is glad to help saints fulfill their missions by using their talents and gifts so that everyone can be a great influence upon their families, work places, businesses, communities and countries.


We believe when one fully utilizes his/her talents and gifts and lives out God's plan and purpose on him or her, they will have significant lives. Therefore, they can experience true happiness and contentment, and satisfy the Heavenly Father's heart. 

We believe when all resources – talents, money and materials- are collectively used and integrated into a system in which people have access to each other's abilities, the Gospel will be spread more effectively, His kingdom will be rapidly expanded.

Our Dream…


Our dream is that thousands of people will discover and develop their God-given potential and unique gifts and talents through KRC's various workshops, seminars, conferences, and camps. They will also discover the channels and opportunities to use their strengths in churches, communities, careers, and businesses to fulfill God's purpose.


Our dream is that people from all walks of life will be able to contribute and gather together respectively, and discuss with each others to find out all possible channels and opportunities in order to make sure that we all can use our talents to expand Christ's Kingdom.


Our dream is that Christ's churches, no matter where or how small, can have the man power, money and material resource they need, that the churches can readily fulfill Christ's purpose – that people will live abundant lives.


Our dream is to integrate and utilize all resources to produce high quality periodicals, books, and broadcasting programs to provide churches and individuals with information, resources and practical assistance, together with the truth and value in Christ, to influence and lead our communities.


Our dream is no matter in what position one stands in, in – discouragement, despair, disappointment, or hope, and direction- will experience God through KRC to expand one's spiritual perspective, and re-commit lives to live more abundantly.


Our dream is the Christ's team, no matter what denomination, church or organization, will work together, unified in hearts to work for His Kingdom. 



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